Sunday, December 17, 2017

The Christmas tree decorator extraordinaire showed up this week!!!

Her name: Penelope Faye Carmack, whom we call "Nell".
She's just 4 years old, but she can decorate a tree!!

The sleeves on her shirt say, "Chill Out." How great is that?

She had lots of interesting ornaments to choose from. The first fifteen ornaments she put on the tree she would run to her Daddy Pap and show him each one at a time. It was so sweet. Then she got in the swing of things and just put them up quickly. That was sweet, too.

Here she's showing her Daddy Pap her favorite ornament...

It's a pretty pink heart.

One of the ornaments was a crown, which of course the princess had to wear!
There she is at the table of some of our Nativity scenes.
That table is over 150 years old - and was my Grandmother Jennie's. I love it.

Oh, before Nell came over to decorate she had a Christmas program and party at her preschool.
Her dear dad, Will, joined her and enjoyed some yummy cookies.

I'll close with two pictures.
Here's the  decorator with the finished project...

And here's mainly where she decorated (since she's not tall)...
I know that some people rearrange ornaments,
after their small children hang them all together,
but NOPE, I'm not gonna do it!

After all, this is Grammy's house.

I love it that way!!!
And I so love our tree decorator!!!

Thank you, Nell!

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