Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Loving and grieving our dear Shiloh

For quite a while we've known that Shiloh was not long for this world.
Yesterday he went to doggy heaven.

We miss him, but oh, we are so glad we got to be his family during practically his whole lifetime (which was about 15 years).

Will picked him out years and years ago at the North Richland Hills Animal Shelter, when he (Shiloh) was very young.

Here are a few pictures...

Notice how happy and proud Will looks in that picture.
They were really made for each other.
Shiloh was never happier than when Will walked into the room.

Here is sweet Shiloh with Laura...

He loved bacon drippings on the floor!

I'll close with this...
Isn't that sweet?

We're so glad we got to have Shiloh and he got to have us.

Thank you, Lord.

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Unknown said...

When we lost our cat, Honey Boy, many years ago, Sam was the only person that acknowledged our grief with a personal card. I will never forget that time and the extreme grief we felt for our beloved cat. I grieve with you now for the loss of Shiloh. And it brings up the question that I always ask, will our pets be in heaven waiting for us? I don't know the answer to that, but it is comforting to hope they will. Meanwhile on this earth, you can take solace in knowing that your love and care for Shiloh was appreciated and reciprocated in love from him. That is what we are to our pets, and they give back more than we give in the process.

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