Monday, January 15, 2018

There are no words (well, just a few)...

Here are some pictures of our late Christmas celebration (and my birthday) this past Sunday and Monday (this) morning)! ...

Those are pictures of Will's gift to Laura from Betty Jane's Boutique.
Isn't that gorgeous?

Here I am with my Grammy sun visor - from Bailey. I love it!!!


Look! It is a globe puzzle!!

And then we celebrated my birthday...

I had a big slice of carrot cake for breakfast this morning. (Super yum.)

And there's this...
This is Laura's gift to me for my birthday.
She made it!

So it's been a great late Christmas and my birthday. 

And it's really not over.

We have MORE.

It just keeps going and going...
which means - more pictures later.

Stay tuned (if you like my life).
(Which I do.)

I hope you like YOUR life!!!


Pat said...

Isn’t family wonderful!

Linda Ochsner said...

So nice to see pics of your family. I would love to reconnect. Maybe lunch when you come to OKC for bank meeting? I'm in Edmond now ( for the past 15 yrs.)

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