Friday, January 26, 2018

These are a few of my favorite things.

A new favorite book...

I've done Myers Briggs and other personality inventories, but this is an old one - from ancient times, as I understand. Laura and Ryan's wonderful church in Portland, OR (The Bridgetown Church) did a series on it recently, and The Collective Church in Roanoke, TX is doing it now. Pastor Rob is doing a 9 part series on the Enneagram, and you can listen to his podcasts by going to their website. A warning, he talks really fast (it seems faster than in person), but I like it. He has always been the easiest speaker for me to listen to, by the way.

Another favorite thing, which is totally different:
Some YUM from Oklahoma...
BOOM-A-RANG DINER in Paul's Valley, Oklahoma...
That's the front page of the menu.
We happened on it when we stopped at Mrs. Fields Pecan Pie Factory in Paul's Valley, as Sam remembered eating there as a child. Turns out they just make pies now, and have no restaurant, so we asked the worker there to recommend a place to eat
and the first place she recommended was BOOM-A-RANG'S DINER.

So we went there. It was on Chickasaw Street, which I thought looked like Main Street.

Oh my. We liked it right away.
It was clean, and had a 1950's or 1960's feel,
and they greeted everybody that walked in with "Sit wherever you'd like!"
We did.

Here's part of the back side of the menu...

And here's the bottom of the backside...
Clearly I was enamored by the back page of their menu.

(Oh, and we may have to go back up there on a Friday evening.)

The day we ate there we both ordered what was highlighted on a poster outside:
the Real Reuben Sandwich.
 In one word: YUM.

This (my) picture of their famous Reuben Sandwich is in black and white because I was doing a black and white theme on Facebook, and well, now I don't know how to get it in color. 
It was yum, though, even in black and white.

As you may know, Reuben sandwiches have a strange combination of ingredients.
Here's a description on Wikipedia:
The Reuben sandwich is an American hot sandwich composed of corned beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and Russian dressing (or Thousand Island dressing),grilled between slices of rye bread.
(So is JASON'S DELI, by the way. Sam really likes that.)

So we ate at BOOM-A-RANGS recently on our way up to Oklahoma City
to bank board meeting.
Just so you know, there are many BOOM-A-RANGS in Oklahoma
as I found out when I Googled it.
You can click HERE to go to their website.

Here's the sign over their door that you read as you are leaving...
So we might have to hurry back to Boom-a-rang soon,
so as to escape the harsh realities of the real world!
(So there is a place to go. Yay!)

Oh, by the way, Sam and I noticed that almost all the people eating there
were more on the plump rather than on the svelte side of body shapes.
(That tells you how yummy (and maybe unhealthy) it is.
We plan on returning, but maybe not ordering the fries.
(Oh, but they looked so good.)


Another favorite of mine is this....
As many of you know I love Agatha Christie Mysteries.
Now I've found her short stories.
I used to like Hercule Poirot, but now that I'm older
I'm more drawn to Jane Marple mysteries.

Ah, but I did just get Poirot's short stories...
I like that they are SHORT stories.

Well, those aren't many of my favorite things,
but I don't like long blog posts,
which this kind of is.

I have more favorite things that I will post later.

Have a good weekend!!

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These Are a Few of my Favorite Things

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