Thursday, February 1, 2018

Ants, Snowmen, Toucans, and the FLU!!!!

Have you seen these ants in Haltom City?? They are amazing. (They're just north of Loop 820 on Denton Highway.)
And no, they're not in an ant SciFi movie.
They are REAL. (Well, really FAKE.) But they did get my attention a while back.


Did you know snowmen can learn?
They had a teacher just before they were put in boxes for next Christmas. Maybe they will remember what they learned!

Nell taught them the alphabet...

Maybe over the spring, summer, and fall break, those snowmen will remember.


Oh, and my dear artist daughter knows that I like exotic birds.
She's working on a Toucan now.
Toucans are interesting birds, and I think Laura has a knack for them!

My own mother painted this one years ago from a postcard from Brazil...
Isn't that super?

And here are some in my 'Toucan Collection'...
 The one on the left we got at Disney World.
The two on the right we got years (decades) ago in Brazil.


In other news, Sam and I have been living separate lives!
Because of the flu!!
This is my view in our guest room, where I am avoiding the flu.

So far so good (for me).
Not so for Sam.

Our little grandson Liam may not be so fortunate...

We're praying (and you can too) that he does not have the flu.
Just maybe a cold.

He is so dear.


Take care of yourselves.
The flu is awful this year.


That's all.

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