Thursday, February 15, 2018

Birthdays, Olympics, Family - They Equal Fun, and LOVE!

Here is a lovely picture...
Bailey and I and Nell (whom you can't see) are singing the HAPPY BIRTHDAY song to Mother, and my cousin David.
Mother turned 92 last Friday, and David will turn 71 Feb. 28, and so it seemed to be the time to celebrate Friday night.

It was an easy celebration, as I talked myself into not baking a cake, but to buy cupcakes from Albertons' grocery store. (I think I'm more about 'easy', than anybody I know. And I don't apologize for it.)

Here's Mother reading the birthday card I got her...
I'm getting something else for her birthday, but it hasn't 'come in yet', shall we say.


Sunday night we had an easy meal at our house with Will and his family,
Dave and Sandy, Mother, and Sam and me. 

Here is Will with his 2 biggest fans...
That's 2 year old Liam and 4 year old Nell, his two kiddos.
Boy, do they adore their daddy.

Oh, and they love - and bond - with their mother, Bailey...

And here they're all watching the men's figure skating event in South Korea. 
It was mesmerizing.

Here are Dave and Sandy.
They came all the way from their home state, Iowa,
to celebrate Mother's 92nd birthday, and Dave's 71st birthday. 

By the way, Dave is my oldest first cousin, as he is the oldest grandchild of my mother's parents.

Well, I have to show you this picture of Dave, with his little sister Susan...
Isn't that the sweetest picture?

That was before I was born.
David and Susan had another brother later, and maybe someday I can blog about him.
(I do have a story to tell about Steve.)

I'll close with this family picture after our Sunday supper/Olympic skating fun.
I think that is sweet.
For sure it is loving!

I have more for later,
but that's it for now.


Except this:
My blog has many purposes: it is a photo album;
a commentary of my life and beliefs;
a list of my favorite things in life;
as well as whatever else comes into my mind.

It covers almost everything in my life,
Well, almost, but not everything!!!

See you next time!

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