Sunday, March 25, 2018

I wasn't going to be one of those grandmothers ...

.... who had to brag about her grandchildren all the time.
That is UNTIL I had such wonderful, beautiful grandchildren.
That's four and half year old Nell. We were working on coins that day.
It was fun.
Earlier she did some art work. That was fun, too.

 Here is her little brother Liam. He's two and a half.
His family was at Disney World last week, and Liam loved it.

And oh yes, he was a delightfully happy boy!
Is that not a super picture??

He and Nell are Will (my son) and Bailey's kids.  

Now I am in Oregon as I type this, with my third grandchild, Ransom.
Ransom is seventeen months old
and I was THRILLED that he was happy to see me when I flew into Portland!!

(He is the son of our daughter Laura and her husband Ryan.)

And he loves bath time!
 And I love him!!!

So now you see that I canNOT just nonchalantly mention that I am a grandmother.
I have to shout it loudly on my blog and everywhere else in the world,
because I have extraordinarily fantastic grandchildren, way beyond the norm.

I guess I need to order a bumper sticker about their amazingness.
No. I better design my own.

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laura said...

Well, your grandchildren have an extraordinarily awesome Grammy! We love you!

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