Sunday, April 8, 2018


Here is son-in-law Ryan who was getting ready to leave for work (he's a Nurse Practitioner at a clinic in Portland, OR) and HE. IS. GREAT. (I took that picture when I was there recently.) 
Not every mother-in-law can say she LOVES her son-in-law, BUT I CAN!! 
[That's his son Ransom with him. Ransom is my grandson.]


And here is my great niece Anna...
She is the dear granddaughter of my late twin, Peggy.
Anna is amazing. She can dance all kind of dances, play soccer, swim,
AND she is now playing volleyball.
Besides that, she is a lover of life.

Upbeat. Fun. 
And beautiful inside and out.


And here is my wonderful son,
with his daughter and son.
This equals fun.

That's Nell, Will and Liam.
My love for them has no equal.

This is not a long blog post, but it is one I LOVE.


I hope you have a good week.

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Laura said...

He IS great! :). Love the pics

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