Thursday, April 5, 2018

Random Thoughts...

Lately I've been having trouble thinking of creative things about which to blog.
I guess I'm having 'blogger's block'.

Recently I read a great blog post by one of my favorite bloggers, Seth Godin. 
It's "I Used Them All Up (a warning to creatives)". It is great. Really.

Godin is a prolific writer, which makes me surprised that I haven't read any of his books. I've just read his blog. (I will put reading one of his books on my to-do list.) (As if I need anything else to put on my to-do list.)
[You can click HERE for his website, if you'd like.]


Here's another random thought:

When you have 24/7 news going on, and every newscaster has an opinion about everything, and every single one of those newscasters considers himself/herself an expert on everything, well, maybe just thinking those thoughts means it's time to turn off the news.

That is what I have done.
I'm giving myself a break.

AND when certain folks rant and rage on Facebook, well, I need a break from them, too.

I am so tired of politics, and thoughts on climate change, and gun control, and DACA, Trump and well, everything that has to do with anything.
Yes. I have my own opinions, though I don't even have to have those.
And it IS more relaxing for me to not think about my opinions, or anybody else's.


Yes, this is a random post.

I should be blogging about the beautiful bluebonnets I've been seeing this week.
And yet, I am boycotting the 'shoulds' in my life, even the good 'shoulds'.

Maybe by writing this I will be inspired to go look at some more bluebonnets.

Ah, but I know I will be inspired soon. My two Texas grandkids are coming for a few hours and sometimes when I ask 4-year-old Nell if she'd like to watch a 'show' like BLUE'S CLUES, she'll often say, "No, I don't want to watch anything. I just want to talk." !!!
So we 'talk'.
We talk about her day and my day and what we've done and what we like. 
Often she wants me to start a story and she'll add on to it, then I'll add on to it, then she will, etc., etc.

Just writing this is making me smile.

Oh, and Liam loves to run around the living room and kitchen smiling and laughing.
Well, now I'm really smiling!

I was needing to write these random thoughts.

Sometimes I don't know where my blog will take me... but I can be sure that once I start blogging I'm headed somewhere.
And that somewhere usually brings me a smile (usually).

Oh, and these two pictures make me smile...

Besides 'talking' Nell also likes to play 'Hide and Seek'!!

Let's smile a while!

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