Saturday, April 14, 2018

These are a few of my favorite things...

I have some favorite things - even with all the awfulness in the world (which is when we need favorite things).

Here we go...

I like to eat.
Here's something I like to eat...
Anything at TORCHY'S TACOS...

I haven't been lately, but will soon. (There's one in Southlake, which is not too far.)

These are also some of my favorite things...

These irises are here in our front yard through no fault of our own.
They just showed up!

And these showed up, too...

 As did these...

Here's my admission: I am illiterate when it comes to flowers. Mother told me that top picture was of irises. Those others, well, maybe you can tell me. (Thanks.)

Different favorite - 
Sam and I have a new great movie we like (though it is not new) ...
It is old, but a classic. Well, it is the movie that Ronald Reagan said was one of his best.
So we watched it - and really liked it.

Another movie we liked was THE GREATEST SHOWMAN.
It didn't make the Academy Awards, but it made the Carmacks' award for SUPER.


Another favorite, which is totally different, is this tip...
This helps me.
I never took Home Economics.
My mother and twin sister did all the cooking in our family. I played the background music.
So I need all the homemaking tips I can get - even in my older years. Really.


Finally, there's this...
Facebook wanted to know if I wanted to tag myself in this picture...

Wow. WOW!
That meant Facebook really thought Peggy and I looked alike!! (We used to not think we did so much. That's why we didn't play twin tricks on folks. I guess we should have!)

That picture up there was taken September 1988 of my twin Peggy - with her two children, Cap and Elizabeth. In that picture Cap is saying he is 8 years old. That was 6 1/2 year old Elizabeth. Peggy died in April of the following year.

That picture puts things in perspective for me (like the Syria attack, for example).

Life is short.
We will all die.
One way or the other

Peggy showed me how.

In closing...
Here's what Elizabeth wrote Thursday on Facebook...
Breast Cancer. 29 years ago, at the age of 37, Peggy, my mother, died from breast cancer. I post every year for two reasons - 1) to remember her life and 2) to remind all of my friends and loved ones to get your mammograms and know your breast health!! She was 32 when she was diagnosed - so, so very young. Breast cancer knows no bounds and does not discriminate. So please, if you read this - do SOMETHING today to know your base-line breast health. My children are now all older than my brother and I were when she died and that is so sobering to me. And today - I get to have lunch with one of my favorite people - my sweet Aunt Nancy White Carmack - my mom's identical twin. How precious is that?

That is wonderful, I think.


So those are my favorite things for this weekend in April, 2018.

I hope you have your own favorite things.
They're fun to think about.

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