Thursday, May 10, 2018

A Spot of Tea, Please.

I have some pictures to show you! They're of Mother's Day tea parties at Parkwood, the retirement community in Bedford, TX where Mother lives. They are held on the first Saturday in May which means they are a whole week before actual Mother's Day. That means we start celebrating Mother's Day early!!

Here's a picture of Mother and me this past Saturday...

Here's a picture from 2013...
That's Mother and I and Shirley Martin and her daughter Wendy Dugas.
(Wendy and I have kept up our friendship that we made that day - by being Facebook friends,
and well, running into each other now and then
and, of course, seeing each other at Parkwood.
She and her mother were there this past Saturday, but my camera stayed in my purse. :(

Here's a picture from a few years ago when Mother had a table of her own and invited a few ladies (her favorite ladies, of course)...
From left clockwise: Bailey, Laura, me, Mother, Elizabeth holding Baby Anna, and little Caroline.

The first Mother's Day tea I went to at Parkwood was in May of 2010. Mother had moved in the month before and I got to be her first guest!
Here we were...

The Mother's Day Tea at Parkwood is always a fancy, fun event.

Here are some pics of some of the parties in the past.
Table 'captains' can decorate tables if they like...

I believe that table won the prize that year.

No men are allowed at these tea parties, but the men have decided recently they want a Father's Day celebration in June.
They don't want to dress up and have finger sandwiches and other delicacies on fine china, with fine tea to drink.
They're going for steaks on paper plates, and they'll be wearing jeans or overalls or something.

I like to be casual, yes, but every now and then I like to dress up and drink my hot tea with my pinky finger raised!!
Oh yes!!!


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