Thursday, May 3, 2018

I really don't think I love anything more than this...

... my dear daddy's Bible.

I was going to blog about him on May 15 (his 93rd birthday), but I came across his Bible (that my mother found) and well, I couldn't wait.

He died in December, 2006, but he is so remembered every day since.

Here is my mother sharing the Bible with Daddy's great grandchildren last week. That's Caroline and Andrew, with Elizabeth taking the picture...

And here are some of the writings he wrote in his Bible...

All through the Bible he'd written notes.

Here he is with his grandson Cap (Peggy's son, and the oldest grandchild). They're reading the Daily Bible Reading (DBR) for the day. There they're using the LIVING BIBLE, as it was easier to understand.

Here's a picture of Mother (Grandmother) with all the grandkids reading the DBR another day...
From left: Cap, Will, Laura, Mother, and Elizabeth
(That must have been around 1991?)
(They're all grown, with families of their own now.)
(Well, Mother has great grandchildren now.)

Some of you have seen these pictures many, many times.
I can't see them enough.

That is all I have for today because I think that is enough.
Totally enough.

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