Wednesday, May 16, 2018

New Favorite Photos of Favorite Folks...

I was telling my 4 1/2 year old granddaughter Nell that she was my most favorite NELL in the whole world.
Then she asked, "What about Liam?"
"Ah yes," I said. "He is my most favorite LIAM in the whole world."
She liked that.

Here he is...
Is he not adorable and handsome and winsome?

Here he is with his Daddy Pap, learning about business news. (Liam is not too young to learn about business news.)
There they are happy together.
(Liam smiled soon after.)
(After I tickled his toes.)

Here's Liam's big sister...
She had gotten a pink heart on her left cheek in preschool that day.

And here she is with her mom...

Oh, here's Liam again...

And here he is helping his dad give a guitar lesson to his cousin Camryn...


And here is Liam's cousin Ransom - in one of the sweetest pictures there could ever be...

Oh, and Ransom likes to play with little cars and trucks...


Oh, and Ransom and Nell and Liam's 'cousins' had a great Mother's Day with their fabulous mother, Elizabeth...
Those three kids are more than just cousins to Nell, Liam and Ransom. They're more like SUPER COUSINS - as their grandmother (Peggy), and Nell, Liam and Ransom's grandmother (me - Nancy) were (are) identical twins.
I think that is important.
And since this is my blog, I'm declaring that to be SUPER IMPORTANT.

More super important stuff will come later on in my blog.
Stay tuned.

Have a good rest-of-the-week.

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