Sunday, May 6, 2018

Please don't move to Hollywood!

I have some family members who are movie star handsome and drop-dead gorgeous.
No brag, just fact.

That's Elizabeth (my twin's daughter) with her husband John.
Are they not stunning?!
And they have super great people skills.
Well, you should listen to John on FB videos.
And they're both fantastic public speakers.

And there's this:
They made the 40 under 40 honor in Tarrant County!

I'm sorry you can't read this. It is great.

John and Elizabeth were being honored for
being who they are: wonderful.

Here's what they wrote on Facebook:

We were so honored this evening to receive the Dynamic Duo Award for 40 Under 40 by the Ft. Worth Business Press!! In just two years, we have grown our business by leaps and bounds and are so thankful for our clients, friends and family who have supported, hired and prayed for us along the way. What a fun celebration!! @fwbusinesspress


I wondered how I could blog about them.
Then I thought: it's all about ME - this is MY blog.

They are super.
And I am the AUNT.
I'm feeling pretty super.

John and Elizabeth,
you could be in the movies,
or on national TV as reporters, commentators, famous folks,

and anywhere you want to be.

I like you're being in TEXAS!

You make ME great.


Is this a selfish Aunt Nancy post?
Of course.

Well, so what?


Oh, and here is an ad in a local magazine

of their custom kitchen department

And click HERE for their website.


There is so much more I could tell you about John and Elizabeth (and their three kids),
but I'll save more accolades for another day (there are many).

[Oh, and they are movie star handsome

and drop-dead gorgeous
on the inside, too.]
I did not get their permission for this blog post, by the way.
I hope it's okay!


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