Friday, June 22, 2018

Celebrating 40 years

Sam and I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary last weekend in San Antonio (where we went on our first vacation).
Sam had ordered these beautiful roses to greet me when we got to our room at the historic Menger Hotel Thursday night.

He also had ordered some chocolate-covered strawberries.
Sam can be quite the 'romantic'. 💗

For me (and for you, if you're interested), here we are through the years...

Our engagement picture... 
(We're looking at my engagement ring.)

Then here is my bridal portrait.
As some of you know
when I took this picture in three months after the wedding to get it framed,
the lady who was going to frame it

asked me if that was my daughter.
I was so flabbergasted that I said merely,
"Um, um, that is me, three months ago!"

"Oh dear. of course!" she said.
 So I picked out that frame,
and never forgot how marriage must have aged me!


The first summer we were married we went on the first of three mission trips to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. Here is Sam performing a magic trick to entertain the crowd.... and he impressed me - and Sharon (one of the students who went with us).

After two years of marriage we moved to Brazil and served as Baptist missionaries in Teresina, PI, Brazil. Here we are on the porch of the house we lived in.

This next picture is of us during that time, getting ready to get on the boat to tour the Amazon River...

Then we came back from Brazil in 1983, and, among other things, started a family.

Here we are a few years later ...

And then later - when I turned 50 Jennifer Howes (THANK YOU!) orchestrated a surprise party for me - and I will never forget it. (THANK YOU, JENNIFER!!!)

I so enjoy this next picture at that party particularly because Sam is kissing me - and our dear daughter is loving it!!!

Those pictures were taken at nephew Justin's wedding reception,
at a fun photo booth.

Here we are later... with pictures of my dear dad on the piano,
as we celebrated his 80th birthday in 2005.


Then later cooking up Christmas breakfast....

And well, I liked this group of pictures in our kitchen, so why not share them?


And here we are more recently.

And then last weekend in San Antonio...


Well, I have more to tell about our 40th anniversary celebration (like where we (over)ate).
And places we'd recommend in San Antonio (mainly eating places).

See you later - after we've recovered from our fantastic 40th honeymoon!!!


Life has been so good with Sam-the-man.

Thank you, Lord.

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sara [at] journey of doing said...

Happy anniversary!! Love Sam’s sweet gestures! (I would expect he’s a romantic and that just confirmed it!) It was fun to see all the pictures - you’ve always had such a warm, warm smile!! 💙

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