Friday, June 1, 2018

I like fun...

... especially family fun.
That's Caroline, Andrew, Nell and Anna.
That's Anna, Nell and Caroline.

And here's my dear mother with her great grandson Liam.

The next two pictures are of the two of them, too.
I liked all those pictures, so why not show them?


And here is a fun pic of Nell with her mom Bailey...


Then I tried to get a pic of Nell with her family and her Nana,
but well, sometimes Nell is ready for a picture, and sometimes she's not.


Here she's ready to smile. as her brother gives us a thumbs up.
I love those kiddos.

And I love this kiddo, too...
That's Ransom, my Oregonian grandson.
There he is on the Oregon coast recently.
(They call it 'the coast' there, not 'the beach'.)

That is all for today.

Have a great weekend!!

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