Friday, June 29, 2018

Let's go north on I-35!

Sam and I go across the Red River to Oklahoma often.

Lately we've been awed by the wind turbines that are just south of the Arbuckle Mountains.
Here's Sam taking a picture ...
There is no way he could get a good picture of all of them,
unless he used a good camera, maybe.

Well, even a super camera couldn't capture them all.

Not long ago we saw a segment about wind turbines on TV. I took a picture, so as to show you how big they are compared to how small that person is up there.
(Actually, I thought he should be smaller.)

You can click HERE to read Wikipedia's description of how wind turbines work.


 Before we get to the wind turbine area on I-35 near Davis, OK, we drive past the biggest gambling casino in the world. Yes, I said, "in the world."
It's WINSTAR and it's just 3 miles north of the Red River, in Thackerville, OK. (I just found out about Thackerville.)
And boy, do they have great concerts there. Bob Dylan is scheduled there October 13.
Jerry Seinfeld is there tomorrow!! (June 30th)
Sam and I keep talking about attending a concert or comedy routine there - or just eat, but we have yet to take the time.


Going north from there - at mile 15 on I-35 there is a new STUCKEY'S in Marietta, OK!
(And I thought 'new Stuckey's' was an oxymoron!!)
Seriously, they've opened a Stuckey's there, but don't get your hopes up.
We had to stop, of course, to relive our childhood, but it didn't measure up. Memories often outdo the present, but this Stuckey's REALLY needed help. They'd been open 3 weeks, and they needed to do some work well before they opened. (It's an old quick stop on the southwest corner of I-35 and HWY 32.) I did see some pecan rolls for sale, so there's that. 

It wasn't quite as nice as this picture...


Going on up I-35 you'll (and we) enjoy the Arbuckle Mountains, and can stop and get a delicious fried pie at Arbuckle Mountain Fried Pies, off of Hwy 77, west of I-35. (If you click that site you might get the Cincinnati edition - because they have Arbuckle fried pies there (yeah!).)  You can click HERE for the Oklahoma fried pies Facebook page.
And here's their menu...

I'm getting hungry.

Now we'll take a diversion off of I-35.
Let's go to WINTER CREEK!! Isn't that a great name?
It is a country club/ golf course housing development near Blanchard, OK.

For the Winter Creek country club click HERE. 
Recently they had a golf tournament and had some sports celebrities there! 
You can click HERE for their Facebook page and maybe find the video on that. 

For info on the Winter Creek housing, click HERE.

Here's a map of where it is in OK...
(It makes sense to me.)

Here's a map for when you're there...

It's very nice yet affordable,
though a little off the beaten path,
which can be a great thing

Well, that's all for my Oklahoma tour today.
More later.

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