Saturday, July 7, 2018

70 years old!

No. I'm not 70 yet.
My brother-in-law is.

Steve is in the blue shirt - by his gorgeous wife, Lorie.
He is the youngest 70 year old person I know.
That makes him an inspiration!

Here he is with his Lorie.
And no, she's nowhere near 70.
(I won't tell her age.)

Here's Steve with his older sister Pat and younger brother Sam...
And yes, the older sister looks like the youngest sibling.

Here's Steve with his granddaughter Delia...
They were getting ready to blow out the candles on the cake in the background.

Here's Delia with her family...
Delia will be 6 very soon (in 5 days I think).


I really did take a lot more pictures, but they didn't turn out super well.
Not as well as the super party.
It WAS super.

And as I said Steve looks like the youngest 70 year old I've ever met.


1 comment:

Cheryl (a/k/a Cheri) said...

Happy birthday to Steve! It was great to get to see the families and how they've grown.

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