Sunday, July 15, 2018


Frank doesn't look 80!!

I used to think turning 80 meant you were really getting old.
Well, I used to think that about turning 30, then 40, then 50, surely 60 and of course 70.
It's amazing how through time one's mind can change about age.

Frank turns 80 Monday,
and we helped celebrate Saturday!

Frank married my dear dad's little sister several years ago. 
Helen and Frank had both been widowed many years.
And then they found each other...
and we got to have Frank and his family in our family!!!

Here are some pictures I took at Frank's birthday party yesterday.
That's Frank's daughter Kathryn and her family.
(From left: Caroline, Brian, Victoria, Kathryn and Benjamin)
It's a wonderful family, and I'm sure you can enjoy the A&M shirt!

When Frank married Helen, Kathryn found herself with A LOT of relatives!
Here's a picture of the blended family last Christmas on a Christmas cruise...
And this picture doesn't include everyone!

Now I'll just show some random pictures I took at the party. Some will show some old photos of Frank, who was the oldest of two brothers. They're pretty cute pictures...

Here's a picture of Frank with his daughter several years ago...

 And here they are together yesterday...

Here are some photos that were placed on tables around the room...

That's Frank and Helen with my parents.

 And here's more of the party...

Clearly a good time was had by all.
Oh, I can't finish a blog post about Frank without telling you
about his making doll houses for his granddaughters and his great granddaughters.
They are masterpieces!

He now has a great grandson,
and I've heard Papa Frank might be working on a barn for that little fella.

Uh oh, I hope that is not a secret!!


I didn't get anybody's permission to show these pictures.
I hope that's okay.
And I didn't tell you who all these folks are,
but just know that they are GREAT FOLKS.



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