Thursday, July 19, 2018

My favorite places, and pictures, and food.

I like thinking of my favorite things.

Here we go...

Carillon Beach, which is in/on Florida's panhandle.
This picture was taken in September of 2015.
And we are going back - with 2 more grandchildren - THIS WEEKEND!!
I am beyond excited.


Here's one of those grandchildren who will be at the beach for the first time ...
That's Liam watching Little Baby Bum, which is great for toddlers.
You can watch it on YouTube, too.

Here's Liam's cousin, Ransom, who will be at the Florida beach for the first time, too...
Mm. Watermelon is yummy.


Here's Nell, who was at the beach in the first picture with her DaddyPap...
She is now a dancer, oh AND a swimmer!!!
(And a beauty.)

In completely different news, I have a new favorite Target.
Well, I've always liked Target, but they are not all equal.
I found the best.
It's in north Oklahoma City off of Pennsylvania Ave.

Sam and I went there last night and I was impressed.
They had a great selection of clothes and toys.
And they had a dinosaur!
I want to go back.

I have a lot of favorite new eating places.
I will just tell you about one for now.

It's not a touristy place, which I like (the not touristy part).
We had gone to the Central Library when we were in San Antonio,
so Sam could look up one of his relatives
that had fought and died in the Alamo.
(I may blog about that soon.)
This cafe is near that library...
We just ate breakfast tacos, but the flour tortillas were FANTASTIC.
Normally I think of flour tortillas as all the same,
but they are NOT!

Next time we're in San Antonio we want to go back for lunch (and breakfast).


I have many more favorite things, but I will save them for later.

Stay tuned for road trip and beach time pictures.
(I would understand if you have some envy.)

See you later.

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