Monday, August 27, 2018

Thirty-four years ago today...

... Samuel Williams Carmack VI came into our lives.
We've been forever blessed.

Here are some pictures of Will through the years...
Is he not adorable??

(The photographer told him not to smile.
for serious effect.)

Those are two of my favorite men in the whole wide world.

And those are two of my favorite siblings in the whole wide world.

He met the love of his life at church,
and years later they got engaged.

They got married in October, 2010 and they only had two little attendants.
That's Caroline, and Andrew.

Will's made music through the years.

He and Bailey spent a year in Scotland getting Master's degrees at the University of Glasgow.
And they visited London.

And they came back and sweet Nell was born...

Two years later they had precious Samuel WilLIAMs Carmack VII, Liam!!

Here are Nell and Liam together not long ago...
Is that not a great picture?!

 Here is Will's family at the beach last month.
They make me proud.
Oh yes.
Will, today is YOUR day.
This month is YOUR month.
Well, and this is YOUR year.
Why not celebrate your birthday all year round?
Let's do it.

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