Saturday, August 11, 2018

Thirty-two years ago today...

Laura Katherine came into our lives.
We've been forever blessed.

Here are some pictures through the years...

This next picture was a gift from a dear friend in Kentucky.
The gift included the clothes, the picture being taken and the frame.
Wow. That was quite a gift.

This picture was the result of a gift card from Laura's Aunt Pat.
That was back in the day when places like Glamour Shots were the rage.
(I think that picture is very classy.)

This picture I took, years later.
That's when I used to have a holiday/birthday tree.

Here's Laura when she worked at the World Hunger Farm near Waco...

That's where she met the love of her life...
 and later they came to our house and played chess.

They got engaged and here she is at her bridal shower,
with her grandmother and Ryan's grandmothers.
Those are all beautiful women, inside and out.

Here is Laura getting ready to get married...

Here she is with her bridal attendants.
From left: Linh, Julia, Bailey, Laura, Allison, Rachael, Victoria
(The wedding was in June 2010.)

Fast forward a few years...
Here she is with her Ryan and Ransom just last month.
Isn't that a beautiful picture?

Laura, today is YOUR day.
This month is YOUR month.
Well, and this is YOUR year.

Why not celebrate your birthday all year round?


Let's do it.


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