Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Trivia Tuesday

Paul McCartney's schoolboy idol was Little Richard, and "Long Tall Sally" was the first song McCartney performed in public, at a Butlins holiday camp talent competition.

Here's Little Richard singing "Long Tall Sally" in 1956


Australia has the biggest camel population in the world.
You can read about Australia's feral camels by clicking HERE.


On August 22, 565 - Columba, an Irish missionary, reported seeing a monster in Loch Ness, Scotland.


 Venice’s Grand Canal isn’t a canal, it’s a seawater channel.


On August 9, 1930 - Betty Boop made her cartoon debut in Dizzy Dishes.


Ancient Rome became the first city to reach a population of one million in 5 B.C. It would be more than eighteen centuries before the second such city, London, would reach that milestone in 1800.



Aretha Franklin sang at the inaugurations for three American Presidents:
Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.


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Trivia Tuesday

He was nominated on five occasions but Mahatma Gandhi NEVER won the Nobel Peace Prize. Where will you find an annual hair-freezing contest? ...