Saturday, September 29, 2018

Believe Women!!

Believe women???????

In my long life I have known MORE women who have been MORE deceitful than men.

A psychology professor is 'terrified' to speak about her experience with Brett Kavanaugh?

I majored in Speech at Baylor.
We studied all kinds of speech, including nonverbal.
That helped me in knowing that no one’s ‘speech’ is proof of truth.

I feel I have a grasp on how people persuade others.
They can do it any way possible,
especially if they are psychology professors.

The fact that a person sounds ‘convincing’ means nothing to me.
The fact that a person seems ‘terrified’ means nothing to me.

Evidence is what matters. 

If evidence shows truth, that is what matters.

I am so open to evidence/truth.

Really, I AM OPEN... TO TRUTH, just so you know.

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Myra said...

YES! On target!

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