Saturday, September 1, 2018

Nell, Our Sweet Belle

For today I have some pictures of my oldest grandchild, and they make my heart melt.

I didn't know I would have such a wonderful granddaughter!

Well, we all have favorite folks in our lives, right?
I have friends and family with whom I would rather be with than, well others.
Surely you do, too.

Who knew that one of my most favorite folks to be with would be Little Nell, my granddaughter?

Here are some recent photos of the dear little one.
She and I had a special time recently at the Simpliciteas Tea Room in LoneStar Antiques.

Then we had some time at our house - in the 'playroom'...
Here's she's having a meal with Bear, and Bunny, and little Green Turtle.
(With her brother in the background,)

Then she's relaxing with 'her charges'...

Here she is making strawberry short cake for her dear dad's birthday celebration...

And here she is getting ready to get in the car after her first day in preschool Thursday...

And when she got in the car she said that she didn't cry at all, and that she LOVES SCHOOL!!!!!
Is that not wonderful?


Sweet Nell Belle is so beautiful,
Inside and out.

Oh yes.

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