Friday, October 26, 2018

Andrew - and company

My great nephew Andrew (my twin Peggy's grandson) is a SUPER GUY.
He turned 10 August 1st.
I FINALLY took him out to shop for his birthday gift from me.

This is what he picked out.
Then we went to Chick-Fil-A to eat and had a great visit.

Here he is with his sisters at our house recently watching one of the Star Wars movies.

And here he is in his football attire...

 He and his sisters were here recently and I got to get a pic of Nell and Anna learning about states.
Well, Anna was teaching Nell where the states were, and how to spell them.  Anna is a GREAT teacher, and she had a super student.

Later they gave each other puppet shows...

 Earlier during a visit, Caroline braided Nell's hair.

Caroline is a master braid-er, as is evidenced by these two braids she gave herself earlier that day.
Isn't she beautiful?

And look how pretty she was making Nell.

Well, I can't show you all those folks without showing you Liam.
Isn't that a great shirt?

Here he is with his sister Sunday night at Mother's...

All of the pictures have made me smile. 

 I hope you enjoyed them, too.



I got this in the mail recently. Maybe you did, too?
Those round things are magnets, because I put the flyer on my refrigerator.

Do you see who is in/on that flyer???
It's my beautiful niece, Elizabeth.

Hmm. I'm thinking I want to vote for Kenny Marchant for Congress!

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