Monday, November 19, 2018

Thanksgiving week: some treasures

Being thankful is wonderful.
It's hard to worry, if you're thinking of things to be thankful for.

Here are a few of mine.

First, this picture...
I love this picture on so many levels!
(That is my grandson with his other grandparents and his dad and his Aunt Victoria.

That picture just makes me smile big time.


I'm also thankful for this...
That is my hubby walking his grands to the nearby park, near St. Michael's Catholic Church.
Sam is a wonderful 'Daddy-Pap'.

I'm also thankful for...
Papa Frank built doll houses for his great granddaughters
and now is building a barn for his great grandson.

He and his wife (my precious Aunt Helen) were both widowed years ago
and found each other in the early 1990's.
We are so glad they did!!!


I'm also thankful for...
Kurt Kaiser.

He was a prolific Christian songwriter. Sadly he died on November 12 at age 83.
He wrote one of my most favorite songs.
The first time I heard it I LOVED IT!
I was, I think, 17 years old - at a Baptist youth event at First Baptist, Edinburg, TX.
This is how it sounded when I first heard it. (Oh, and I sang in the musical TELL IT LIKE IT IS - in 1968. Our Valley Baptist youth choir even performed it on South Padre Island - in the pavilion. What a thrill. Anyway, here it is, as I first remember it.


I'm also thankful for...
She's the lady in the picture.
Technically she is my first cousin-once removed.
Her dad is my cousin Dave.
Teri is the first great grandchild of my mother's parents, Earl and Ora White.
Teri and I don't get together very often (she lives in Wisconsin),
but when we do we just talk and talk and oh my, I love her so.

Here is her family in an earlier picture...
Beautiful family, huh?

And here she is in high school (in Marshalltown, Iowa.)
OH, and it happens to be her birthday today!!!


There are other things I'm thankful for - like oxygen, a cozy bed, a loving family, etc., etc., but I'll close for now.

I like thinking about what and whom I'm thankful for.
It is good for my soul.


Myra said...

With so much negativity around us, your post was fresh air. Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Nancy said...

Thanks, Myra!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pat said...

i’m thankfu for Kurt Kaiser, too. He directed the BRH (Baylor Religious Hour) choir when I was at BU. The music was fantastic and probably the reason I always tried to attend on Wednesday evenings.


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