Sunday, December 9, 2018

Making Christmas Easy

I'm all for easy.

AND I'm not very good with crafts. Of course I haven't tried very hard to be good with crafts.
I did go through a counted cross-stitch phase years ago, but it only lasted one autumn (before kids).

Anyway, I have found some easy Christmas decorations, and some easy Christmas snacks.
For today's blog post I will share them.
Maybe they will inspire me as well as you.

This would be easy,  but I wouldn't want it near my grandchildren. :)

Those are just candy canes!

I definitely think I could do those soda pop carolers.


Now for some food ideas...

I think those are sliced strawberries and bananas.
I could do that!!

If I could get some of those eyes I could do that!!
(I like tator tots!)


Now really making Christmas easy is NOT getting into perfectionism.

AND to ALWAYS remember the reason for the season:
celebrating Jesus' birth.


Have a great, easy holiday season.

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