Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Ready or not...

here it comes!


I am finally in the Christmas spirit.
It's taken me a while (bad bad cold, then awful tummy bug).

Yesterday, though, I felt like Christmas!

I told Nell I was in the Christmas spirit.
"What does that mean, Grammy?"
Good question.

I said, "That means I am excited about Christmas!!"
"Me, too!" she said.

And she helped us (finally) decorate our tree!

Nell showed me this ornament
and told me she was going to put it up for her daddy.

She put this one up for me!
She knows I love the color pink, or purpley pink.

This one she put up for her Daddy-Pap.
They're both pointing to it.

This little red ball on the left she put up for Liam.
It kind of matches the red buttons on the gingerbread man
that her daddy made years and years ago.
And that I ALWAYS put up on the tree every year.
I love it!
(Oh, Nell said red is Liam's favorite color!)

And here is the sweet ornament she chose to hang for her mother.
I think that is so very sweet.

Our tree will be up till the end of January, as we will celebrate Christmas with the Oregonians (Ryan, Laura, Ransom) in about 5 weeks.

I had seriously thought about skipping putting up all (or any) of the Christmas decor this year (including the tree).
Ah but Honey Sam wouldn't hear of it.
(Sam is so like his dad. He (Sam) looks serious and well, very serious, as his dad did, but oh they both would take their family and holidays VERY SERIOUSLY, AND VERY, VERY FUN.

So now I'm in the 'Christmas Spirit'!!

Life is good.

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