Thursday, December 13, 2018

Some random VERY good things...

Here's little Liam playing...

You may not know how major this is: our grandson Liam is playing with ALL KINDS OF TOYS!!!!
He used to just come into our playroom and go to ONE big toy, and actually just one piece of that big toy. Now he's totally branching out!!!

Well, he's been going to a special needs preschool that the Hurst Euless Bedford school district provides for special little folks. We are so grateful for that.

Little Liam is a special little guy. He was born with a 18th chromosome deletion (18p-). We're not sure what that all means, since it is so rare, be we do know that he IS SPECIAL.

And he is running around like a little 3 year old. He's saying "Ah" a lot. and I like "Ah". !!!
And he's been saying "Mma Ma ."  We think that's pretty major.

His big sister is WONDERFUL. She is always so sweet with her little brother.
She is 5.
Here she is with one of her Christmas crafts from preschool this week...

She and Liam are our two oldest grandchildren. We get to watch them a lot... and oh, Nell asked the other day if I could come live with her. I said, "Well, I live here with Daddy-Pap, and he would miss me if I weren't here."
"OH, GRAMMY!" she said, "Daddy-Pap could live with me, too!!!""
I'm just smiling after writing that!
Fortunately our house is just a little over 2 minutes away from Nell's house. 😁

Our youngest grandchild lives in Oregon, but will be coming soon, for a late Christmas celebration here.


I do have another picture to share today...
That's my dear niece with her youngest daughter, Anna.
Elizabeth is teaching Anna to sew!!!

Elizabeth's mom - my twin Peggy - used to sew - and now it's going to a third generation!!
(Well, my mother used to sew - so it's going to a 4th generation.)
(Oh wait. My mother's mother used to sew - and my dad's mother used to sew - so it's going ON AND ON AND ON.)

(Well, I'll have to tell you of MY sewing adventures someday. They don't go on and on to my generations. Sorry Laura (and Will). 😔).

I could write more, but I don't like long blog posts.

I hope you're having a happy holiday season.

Me - holidays stress me, but I am GETTING A GRIP.

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