Friday, January 25, 2019

The Oregonians came!!

Last Saturday, Ryan, Laura, and Ransom flew in from Portland...
I got this picture, as they were coming through the door
and DaddyPap was tipping his hat to Ransom!

Later at the house, I was thrilled to be with my three grandkids...

And Nell loved being with Ransom...

And we had our Carmack Christmas!
Here Laura is telling her brother about the gift she got for him...

And here are Ryan and I - reading the books we got for Christmas...

On Monday night we had a pizza party and invited lots of family.

These next two pictures I put up on Facebook...
Obviously I said "Smile" in one picture,
and "Make silly faces" in the other picture.

Those precious folks obliged!!

(I purposely didn't identify 
everyone in those pictures-
for security sake.)
(That sounds better than I am just lazy.)

That is all for today,
which is the day the Oregonians head home.

Safe travels, Ryan, Laura and Ransom!!!

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