Friday, February 15, 2019

Mother and me - good old ladies

Here's a picture I like - which represents a special event...
That's my son, my mother, and my husband.
They are celebrating Mother's 93rd birthday last Sunday evening.
Would that I would look that good when I get to be 93!

She is really classy, isn't she?

In other (somewhat similar) news, my granddaughter and I were sitting together in our living room chair last Tuesday. She turned to me and said, "Grammy, you smell good."
"Why, thank you, Nell," I said.
Then she said, "Old ladies smell good."
Well, smelling good IS good.

Later we talked about the letter they've been working on her preschool this week. It's 'Q'.
Nell said that her teacher told the class she had a quilt at home, and that the word quilt started with 'Q'.
Nell said she told her teacher that her grammy had a quilt at HER home.

So I smell good and I have a quilt. Actually I have a few quilts.
I'm a good old lady.

That's all for today.
Have a great rest-of-the-week!

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