Friday, February 1, 2019

My Favorite Things

I have many favorite things.

This is one of my most favorite pictures of two of my most favorite people in the world....

That's Sam with grandson Liam.
Liam goes to a special needs preschool everyday from 7:30-10:45.
We pick him up some days and
he has learned to walk out to the car holding his DaddyPap's hand,
while having his backpack on his back!
We (and he) are excited.

And there's this...
That's two-year-old grandson Ransom's hand print.
It won't stay that little, so I'm glad Laura captured it while it is.


And I like this...
That is some lentil soup that Ransom's dad Ryan made for us while they were here.
Not only was it nutritious (with sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, etc.)



Speaking of something delicious...
They were part of a gift from Ryan's parents and sister,
and they were more yummy than I thought they'd be.
(I'm having to use extreme self-control not to finish the bag.)


Here's something else I like....
I was really needing some house shoes,
and Mother came to the rescue!
They are super comfy.
And those pajamas I'm wearing came from Laura a few years ago,
and they are my most favorite.


And there's this... '
It is an Essential Oils Diffuser and it fragrants the room with a lovely fragrant.
(It has eucalyptus in it now.)
Will gave it to me for Christmas. (He drew my name.)
I love it, and I don't have to worry about blowing out a candle to keep house fire free.

Will also gave me two mindfulness books that I had wanted.
Here's one...

Here's the first page (of four) of the Table of Contents...
That tells you it's going to be good.
And is it!!
Just the introduction is wonderful.

Thanks, Will.


I have lots more favorite things, but here are two pictures I adore...

There we are with two of our grandchildren.
Notice my 'hat'.
I think it's funny that the word 'warning' is above it!
(We were at Babe's in Roanoke meeting Ryan's family who drove down from Sanger.)
It was the last night of the Oregonian Maxwells' visit.

This next picture was taken at Torchy's Tacos in Southlake, at noon, Monday, Jan. 21...
Isn't that sweet?!?!
I may have to make that into a giant-sized poster.

I have more favorite things, of course.

I bet you have favorite things, too.
It makes you feel good thinking about them, right?.
It does me.

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