Friday, February 8, 2019

Perfection Detox

Several years ago at Bear Valley Community church we did a series on 'Perfectionism'.
It was very refreshing, I must say.


I 'used to' tend to want to be the perfect weight, the perfect style, the perfect everything.
I would get frustrated with myself when I fell short of whatever I thought was perfect.

Can I say a "GOOD GRIEF" here?

I'm so glad I realized the awfulness of that.

And yet, I sometimes find myself in the throes of those old woes.

Perfectionism can lure me back... and I'm guessing it may lure my blog reader back in, too.

I found this youTube video titled "Perfection detox"-

I really like it.

Maybe it will help both of us.

I liked that on many levels.
(Well, except that she looks too perfect. 😐)


My next post will have a special announcement. (No, I'm not 'expecting'!)
Stay tuned.

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