Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Trivia Tuesday

Beards are the fastest growing hairs on the human body. If the average man never trimmed his beard, it would grow to nearly 30 feet long in his lifetime.


Peaches symbolizing immortality (or the wish for a long and healthy life) are a common symbol in Chinese art. The Taoist god of longevity, Shoulao, is often depicted holding a peach, and Xiwangmu, the queen of immortals, is said to grow peaches in her garden.


At the 2000 Summer Paralympics, how many members of the gold medal-winning Spanish basketball team were later found to have no disability? The Spanish team was stripped of its gold medal when it was revealed that ten of the twelve members had no disability.


The phrase "dark horse" comes from Benjamin Disraeli's 1831 novel The Young Duke, in which such a horse is the surprise winner at the races.




What was Elvis Presley's first U.S. number one hit single on the Billboard Hot 100 charts?
"Heartbreak Hotel."

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