Wednesday, March 20, 2019

My handsome grandson Ransom is SO HELPFUL.

He is just two! Not yet two and a half!
But he is AMAZING.
He knows how to help... to make our lives easier.

Here is my grandson Ransom helping with groceries...

That is Ransom feeding his dog, Akon...

And here is Ransom combing Akon...

And here he is turning his library books into the Portland library.

A few minutes later his daddy read a great library book to him.
And Ransom loved it.

 Later Ransom helped his parents lead their Thursday night Bridgetown Community Bible study group.
Ransom is the youngest member of that weekly group.
(I think he is the most beloved.)

On Friday morning I got to go to Ransom's preschool group.
Here he is with some little dinosaurs in the little garden there.
 I think this is sweet and cute.

And here is Ransom singing with his preschool group.

Each parent of each preschooler has a picture on a board.
Look closely. You can see Ransom's parents.
If he is, for some reason, wanting to feel comfort from his parents - that they are 'near' he can take the little picture of Laura or Ryan and feel comforted.
Is that not the sweetest thing?

Here I am at the preschool with Yasmin and her mommy Natasha, and with Laura and Ransom.
Natasha is from Brazil, so I got to practice my Portuguese, which is VERY RUSTY. (We came back from Brazil in 1983 - and well, my language skills need some work, clearly.) Ah, but Natasha and Yasmin and I got to hug each other, which is what Brazilians do. 😀

I have more to tell you about - about my wonderful Portland trip,
but I will save it for another day, okay?

It was a wonderful visit with Ryan, Laura and Ransom.
and having little Ransom be so helpful!

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