Friday, March 22, 2019

"You're welcome!"

"You're welcome!" That's what I said when I met some folks at church last Sunday night - in Portland, OR. I told them I was from Texas and had been in Oregon since Wednesday night (March 13). They said "THANK YOU! YOU MUST BE WHY WE HAVE HAD SUNNY DAYS NOW." I said, "Why, You're welcome! I will take the credit!"
 So I Did

Here are the first flowers we saw in Portland...

And we saw some daffodils

And we saw Mount Hood.
Little Ransom wanted to walk there and slide down.
Well, since it was maybe 60 miles away we discouraged him.

But then his mom Laura raced down (or up?) that hill with him...

Later we went to Multnomah Village for a walk...

Most folks think that Oregonians are all about eating healthy.
We had Blue Star Donuts.

Then the day I was headed home Laura, Ransom and I ate some Pip's donuts.
Super yum.

Oh, before that, Laura practiced some worship songs she played - and led in worship- at their small group. It was wonderful.

Oh, and here is a hedgehog that Ransom's GrandNana (my mom) gave him. 
I gave him the name "Hedge".

And here was a Ray Gun his GrandNana gave him.
(I think we called it "Ray".)

Well, there's lots more to tell.
We'd be here all day and night if I were to tell you all about my visit with Ransom.

In closing, here he is looking at his Carillon Beach book from last summer.

That's all for today/tonight.

I have more for next time - like my granddaughter who is a gymnast now! And my other grandson, who is a funny fellow!!! And I may have more trivia or other stuff, too. Who knows what will come first?

Blogging is fun for me.
Thanks for following.

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Anonymous said...

Those flowers are beautiful, I love flowers not only for their delightful different colors, but for me they represent the softer side of life which reminds me that that's the way I need to be as well instead of being too hard on myself.

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