Saturday, April 13, 2019

30 years ago...

This beautiful counted cross stitch piece was done for me by my twin, Peggy Jean (I'm Nancy Jane) (so we did have twinsy names after all).  Peggy did this in the mid 1980's. It is on the wall right next to my side of the bed in our master bedroom. I used to hang it in the piano room (formerly the dining room) but wanted to see it often, so now I can.  
I do believe a sister IS a forever friend, even if she is in heaven, where Peggy has been since 1989.
Yesterday marked 30 years since her passing. I spent much of the day with Mother (doctor's appointments - but still, we were together). Then later I spent some time with Peggy's daughter Elizabeth. And I took this picture of her and Peggy's grandchildren...
I love those folks so much.

And I got to get a picture of Anna out in the yard with her artwork...

While I was at their house a package came of clothes that Elizabeth had ordered for the kids. Pretty soon Anna was showing off some new shorts that she'd just gotten. I said, "Anna, you are so much like your Grandma Peggy! Peggy used to love to show off any new clothes she'd gotten!"

You probably know this, but not long ago I (finally) finished the book I'd written about Peggy and me. In it I tell more about her love for shopping, and showing off her new clothes. Peggy loved life.
If you'd like, you can get that book by clicking HERE on
I know that it may be hard to read a book about someone who died, but I felt I needed to write it, even if just for my sake. And I am so glad I did.
I like the cover...


Oh and here is Elizabeth's tribute to her mom that Elizabeth put up yesterday on Facebook.
I love it.
It's been 30 years today since my mom, Peggy, passed away. She had Stage 4 Breast Cancer. 30 years is a really long time and it feels weird. Here is a small excerpt from my epilogue in my Aunt Nancy's book, Peggy and Me... "I will always have a hole in my heart - a hole that wonders what could have been, what she missed and why we were robbed of a healthy mother, free of cancer like most other children. But as a woman who loves Jesus and knows that He is good and faithful and loves His children deeply, I know that God chose my mother to go home early to save her from this world. I may not know why and I may always struggle with the fairness of life, but I do know that because of God’s promises, I will see her in Heaven one day again..." Let this be your annual reminder to get your mammogram and take care of your body, male or female. And hug your family tightly. Tuck your kids into bed even though you're tired. Listen to them talk, look at their faces, hear their voices. Let the distractions be less and the quality time be more. Its hard but its worth it. 
Elizabeth put up a different picture, but I couldn't quite put it on this blog post, so I'll put this one up.
This was taken 11 months before she died.

I'm so glad I got to be her twin. 

Thank you, Lord.

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