Thursday, May 23, 2019

I cannot be everybody's everything.

I just can't.

Lately I have been exhausted.
You may have noticed that I haven't played in the tea room lately.
"Moon River" and "San Antonio Rose" just don't have the appeal to me.
Plus I'm tired
of everything.

My dear mother has been in a rehab facility. That does not keep me from taking care of her.
She needs so many things.
(Yet thankfully she so wants me to take care of myself. -Thank you, Mother.)

And my little grandchildren (one of whom is a special needs child) are so dear, but me telling them I'm too tired to play with them just doesn't 'cut it'. They want Grammy to play!!! (Well, sometimes I say 'no, not now' and thankfully they play by themselves.)

Sometimes, though, I need to stop the world and get off... even as the world keeps spinning and spinning.

I'm writing this, I guess, for sympathy.
And need for prayer.

Would you pray for me... that I would have strength, and patience, and wisdom on how to deal with everything?


(I wasn't going to write this blog post. It seemed too 'needy'.
But I'm thinking I AM needy - and it is okay for me to be.)

(And yes, I know I have blessings galore... and should count them more.)


Cheryl Chandler said...

Praying, Nancy. I admire you for being real. God give you rest, strength and wisdom.

Myra said...

I will pray for strength for you if you will for me. Some days you just need to rest, regenerate and be at peace with yourself. I am sure you are missed at the tea room but when you are ready, they will be overjoyed to have you back. Love sent your way!

We should have a party, Grammy!

Penelope Faye said that. We call her Nell. She said that we need to have a party since I was in her house!! She said that this past Thursday...