Thursday, May 9, 2019


Boy, do I have the pics from days gone by!

These are in no particular order, well, except the last ones are REALLY OLD.

Here we go...

That is Laura! Our little girl.
She's grown now with a husband and son and they live in Oregon.
(I think that's a rhyme!)

This next is a picture from a J.Earl White family reunion a few years ago.
These folks are first and second cousins on my mother's side.
(My mother's maiden name was White, and she married Andy White, so she is Margaret White White.)
From left: Brandon, Kyle, Teri, Chris, Laura, Will, Meredith, Cap, James, and Elizabeth.


Next is niece Elizabeth's family a few winters ago...

Isn't that a precious picture?

Okay, now I'm going way back...
This is me and Will back in August of 1984.
I kinda like that picture.


Now we'll go WAY BACK...
That's my husband on the left and his older brother Steve on the right.
Steve was an Eagle Scout.
I guess once you're an Eagle Scout you're always an Eagle Scout, right?
(Sam got out of scouts early. His friends weren't in it, I think.)
Now I'll go back to 1958. Yes I was alive then.
Peggy and I made a Memphis, TN newspaper!!
We lived in Indianola, MS from kindergarten to second grade.
Before and after that we lived in the Lower Rio Grande Valley, in TX.
which is making lots of illegal immigrant news now.
(I had to add that. It is so on my mind now.)


I have lots more old pictures but I'll share some others another day.
I don't want to wear you out!!!

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