Wednesday, May 1, 2019

What I say sometimes helps me.

Last week I sent out a text to some folks and said in it, "You can call me if you need to, but I may be too tired to talk, just so you know."
After I hit 'send' I was sorry I made the text about me.
The text was to update folks on my dear mom, who is going through a rough time physically. I did update those folks, but knew I just couldn't handle phone calls at THAT time... UNTIL I told them that.

You see, after sending that text about being too tired, I immediately felt less tired!
I think just saying it helped me.

Do you find that to be true?

I know that even admitting just to myself how I'm feeling often helps me.

AND my dear mother told me Monday to not come see her yesterday, as I needed to take care of others - AND MYSELF.
And I affirmed that.

So I'm feeling pretty good now, just so you know.

Yeah, just saying "I'm feeling pretty good now" makes me feel pretty good.

I hope you're feeling good.

(I'll tell you later about my mother.)

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