Saturday, June 15, 2019

Celebrating imperfection and mediocrity

That's what I want to do today... celebrate stuff that is not perfect.

Take the site right behind our kitchen nook window.

Someone else might HAVE TO go get flowers and shrubs and and make it a 'nice sight to see'.
Frankly I had thought that Nell (my granddaughter) and I would go buy some 'pretties' and plant them, and pat ourselves on the back because we made some loveliness.
Then I got tired.
Too much to do.
SO, I decided to let that spot remind me to be imperfect and enjoy it (the being imperfect).

Out in the front - in our front yard - we have something - a transformer? When I saw the picture of this house on Zillow over three years ago I thought: they should have moved that green box before they took a picture of that house!
Oopsie. That IS a part of that house - which is now ours.

Sometimes I get blind to that green box.
Other times I want to plant shrubs around it - or put a fence of some kind around it.
Now I've just let it be a part of the landscape.
It reminds me of age spots I have on my face and hands, etc., or weeds that keep coming back in the flowerbed.
Why fight them?
Let them speak to me!!!
And will NEVER be perfect.
Let's celebrate that!

And there's this...


So it takes courage to be imperfect.
Well, by George, I think I have that courage!!

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