Thursday, June 20, 2019

Rest in peace, John.

Before I tell you about John, let me tell you this...
When I was in the second grade (in Indianola, MS) I liked a boy in my second grade class. His name was Nick. I guess he was my very first 'crush'. My parents had to break it to me, though, that he was Catholic, so 'off limits'. (We were staunch Southern Baptists.)

Ah, but years later I guess I rebelled in my own way - I dated a Catholic boy!
Ah, but he wasn't a rebel kind of guy. He was so sweet. And I liked him. And I went to the junior/senior prom with him my junior year. And my twin Peggy went to that same prom with another Catholic boy: Arthur Weber.
Those young men were so sweet. 

As of Tuesday I am the last one of those four who is still living.

Tuesday, June 18, John died of cancer.
That is his Facebook profile pic.

Years before that Arthur died from the result of a horrible motorcycle accident.
And Peggy died in 1989 of cancer.

I'm thinking they might be having a high school reunion in heaven.
I hope so.

About this Catholic boy, John. His family lived in a house behind the Baptist Church I spent my life at. I remember looking at that house and wondering if he was looking out the window when we walked to our car in the church parking lot.

I hadn't thought about that in years.

But now lots of memories come back.
And they are making me pensive.

This is a picture in the MISSION TIMES years ago (1970).
You can see John in the front, second from the left.
(I'm in the back, third from left.)
(far left) is there as are many of my dear Mission High School friends.)

Sadly John's dear wife died four years ago, so he was a widower.
But he was faithful in his faith. And was a part of the Knights of Columbus in Georgia where he lived. (He was an editor for years for PROGRESSIVE FARMER magazine.)

I want to say that my own husband, dear Sam, is like John in many ways. Only Sam was (well, is) among other things, a Southern Baptist (!).

I've heard that who you date through the years gets you ready for who you marry.
And John did that.
Thank you, John.

May you rest in peace.

(You can click HERE for his obituary.)

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Unknown said...

Thanks for this. It is so sad to lose John. It is really cool to hear your story,Nancy! I am the sister of his wife who died in 2015. John took care of her for almost 4 years.


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