Monday, July 15, 2019

Am I a racist if I don't want open borders?

I sincerely think that I am not a racist. Of course, sometimes we (everybody, I think) fool ourselves and don't realize how we really think and feel until we maybe find ourselves contrasted with others' views. But sincerely I do NOT think I am a racist.

About borders, though: I think in an imperfect world we need them.

Open borders do seem to be grace-giving, and loving. And surely they would be.
Many of these folks coming in are asylum seekers. And surely they would be. Life in their countries of origin can be beyond horrifying.  I would want to leave those horrible places, too, if I had the chance.

So surely we should open our hearts and our arms to them. They so need help - and grace- and warmth and safety.

In an ideal world there would be no borders.
The world would all be one... with welcome and hope for all.

But this is not an ideal world.

There ARE ports of entry. Would that all immigrants would use them.

There's a lot more to say about this subject, but I will just leave some 'posters' with which I agree.

The first part of that 'poster' said
I took that part out, because many of you pro-open border people
do NOT have thick skulls.
 (I sometimes do, but hopefully my skull remains 'thin', healthfully so.)

Now here is the best poster...
I know you've all seen this. Please don't forget it.
Yes, our President Obama said that.


I've said my piece/peace.

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