Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Favorite People- and Favorite Things

I like Greg Gutfeld. He's on Fox News on Saturday night. Even if you don't like FOX, you may like him.
He used to be so anti-Trump.
Then he changed.
And we so like him.
He is so funny.
(Look him up. He is refreshing.)


And Mother's Owl.

And there's the Jalapeno potato soup at LoneStar Antiques Tea Room, which is usually available on Fridays. YUM.
It's not too jalapeno hot, but just right.


Another favorite: this picture of me. I have used it on Facebook as my profile pic and on my blog and 'my pic'.
It was a fluke. Really.
I wanted to show Laura how I had let my hair grow a little, but from being so 'short and spiked' and voila! I took a quick great selfie of myself! (The other side - the right side- was not so becoming, let me tell ya.)
I don't usually look that good.
I'm glad I got that!!

(There IS other yuck.)


And there's Walmart stuff!!!

I have not always been a fan of Walmart, but I found these cute things the other day.

 Yes. Walmart has good stuff. (Like my makeup... and my OIL of OLAY night cream which I like.)

Walmart can be infuriating - like when there aren't many registers open.
But have you lived in a 3rd world country? 
Go. Live there.
Walmart can be WONDERFUL.


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