Saturday, July 13, 2019

Granddog Ella - She Equals Sweetness.

We don't have a dog in our house now. Sam has developed an allergy to dogs. It's sad, but not bad. It makes leaving on a trip a lot easier. AH, but we have a granddog living near us, so we are OKAY. We can have the love and petting opportunities - and not be responsible for said pet! (I'm liking this arrangement.)

Here's sweet Ella - with our dear son Will.
She is a Great Pyrenees, and they got her at an animal shelter!
I would have thought she would cost at least $1000.
So you never know what jewel you can get at an animal shelter!
That is granddaughter Nell loving on Ella.
You can see that Ella is attached to Will and Nell.


Here they are outside.
Ella got out of the fence, but came back when Will called her name!
Will then got her on leash, and she was fine.
(I could just see her being killed by a car on Cummings Dr.
- since I catastrophize everything.)
Ah but she was OKAY!!

And here she is with me later !!!

And then she relaxed...

 And that is the tale of yesterday's visit with our granddog.
She is about 2 years old now, so we hope we'll have lots more Ella-love through the years.


Soon we'll get to visit granddog, Akon, in Oregon.
That's Akon thinking: THROW THE BALL, THROW THE BALL!!
(I'll throw a ball soon, Akon, okay?)

It's nice: we gave grandpets, like grandchildren -
for which we are ultimately not totally responsible (for)!

I like this stage in our lives. 

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