Wednesday, July 10, 2019

I'm selling stuff! - at my LoneStar Antique Mall - for kinda cheap!!!..

I tried to make some cute markdown signs...

(Yes, I checked: "Markdowns" is one word.)

My mother has moved and we are trying to make room in our booth for her stuff, at LONESTAR ANTIQUES (5605 Denton Highway, Fort Worth, TX). (Sometimes that address is Haltom City.)

You walk into the front door, go to your left (by the huge sales register), go several booths down, and we are at the right, in booth 523 (they are not ordered by number, sorry).

That's what it looks like today (well, at 1:00).
Maybe that rocking chair will be gone soon (!).

Today I marked down most of the treasures.

Every night I get to look online and see what has sold.
Yes, it's kind of a thrill, being able to see what has sold everyday.
I must say, though, that there is much let-down when I look online.

Antique malls can be popular (for dealers and customers) but often the sales are lackluster.
Ah, but decorating one's booth is fun.

And OFTEN you can find super treasures. But you have to LOOK!!!

So I'm telling you now: my booth has some treasures!

And it has my book about being a twin and losing my twin. (Of course, don't feel you have to buy it - to make me happy. I wrote it for myself and my niece and nephew and my kids, and thought, well, shoot, I'll sell it in my booth, since I have a booth.)
I'm also selling my piano CDs, just so you know.
And my daughter's coloring books. (They're wonderful.)

Well, I say, if you have stuff, SELL YOUR STUFF!! (Unless or until they tell me not to.)
So far I'm selling my stuff, even though it is not 'antique'.

'Course I'm becoming an antique, so there's that!!!

Have a great coming weekend, since it's coming soon, though not soon enough. 😉.

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