Saturday, September 14, 2019

My Man

It never was in my DNA to ask a boy out on a date. Well, except to our sweetheart banquets at our Baptist Church. Even then, I was a nervous wreck making the telephone calls.

Ah, but when I was 25 I made an exception - but then I didn't even have to make a call. Whew.

I had gone to a Baylor football game with an acquaintance from Baylor. We had recognized each other at a church in Fort Worth, where he was attending seminary and I was teaching junior high English in nearby Aledo. This was the fall of 1977. He invited me to the game and I accepted, since I was a Baylor Bear, too.

So I spent the day going to the game, and then visiting his family at like a family reunion after the game. (His sister and brother and all his cousins were Baylor people.) Then we drove back to Fort Worth and had a great chat on the way back.

He called me soon after that day-long date.


"Hello, Nancy? This is Sam Carmack."
 Immediately I was VERY interested... but it just wasn't because of his voice. I immediately thought back to that day we went to Waco for the game, and what great conversation we had. At the time I hadn't really noticed his nice voice, just his nice manner, and the interesting stuff he knew about. He was a wealth of information.
My asking him out consisted of: "Sam, I have a coupon to a steak house (from one of my students) and I know your birthday is soon. Could I treat you?"
He said YES!

Long long story short, he won my heart.

We've been married over 41 years and he still amazes me with his wisdom and knowledge - about everything. And when he calls me, I love hearing his wonderful voice. And I love coming home and seeing his car in the garage; or hearing the garage door opening, knowing he's walking in soon.

Here's a picture of me and him and our kiddos in like 1990.

Anyway, this amazing man (though not perfect, thankfully) has a birthday tomorrow, Sept. 15. We will be the same age till January then I will be nine months older. That makes me think of the words to the Carpenters' song "Close to You" ... "On the day that you were born the angels got together and decided to create a dream come true, etc. etc."
Anyway, those words mean something to me.

Here is Sam as a baby...
I think Liam takes after him, don't you?
(See next picture.)
Here's Sam (DaddyPap) with his grandson, Liam...

And here are Sam and I with our three grandchildren at the beach awhile back...
Clearly the youngest, Ransom, would have rather been out splashing in the water.

So Sunday, September 15 is Sam's birthday.
He doesn't make a big deal of birthdays, like I do...
but I did tell him I blogged about him.



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