Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Sometimes pretty people aren't that pretty.

The other day in the antique mall tea room, where I play background music, an older couple came in for lunch. I had never seen them, but was struck at how pretty the lady looked and dashing the man looked. I would have guessed them to be in their mid to late seventies.
The only thing that resembled this cartoon couple is that the wife had a bun.
They certainly didn't act this loving.
They sat down and ordered some tea. It came, and then they abruptly got up and left. I thought that maybe while they are waiting for their meal they might want to shop. Immediately, though, Erika started clearing the table, while rolling her eyes.

Hmm. They must have had an urgent call and had to skedaddle, I thought. (Skedaddle is a real word, I checked.)

When I took a break from playing, I asked Erika what happened.
She said the husband ordered, then the wife said curtly, "There is absolutely nothing I see that I like on this menu. Let's leave." So they completely skedaddled.

Blog material, I thought!
I proceeded to take pictures of the menu, and the blackboard that held the specials for the day.

 So what do YOU think? Is there nothing on this menu you might like?

And here is the blackboard with the day's specials...

I am always proud of our tea room, and love to hear people rant and rave about the good food.

That lady and her husband (who was ready to eat) really missed out on some good food.

That's my post for today.

Have a great meal, wherever you eat.

OH WAIT. My mother - and her mother - would have cut that couple all kinds of slack: like maybe they just got bad news about something or someone.
Yeah. You never know what folks are going through.
(Glad I reminded myself of that.)

Have a great weekend, and cut ugly people some slack.
Yeah. I need to tell myself that. Yeah.


Who knows what folks are going through?


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