Thursday, October 31, 2019

FUN! (and are some people too handsome?)

Tonight here were the master trick-or-treaters...
It looks like handsome Liam could go to Hollywood and be a STAR!
(I don't want him in Hollywood, okay?)

Well, whoever this is could be a star in movies, too.
No. I don't want Nell to go to Hollywood!!

I want to keep these two close to me.

As for our Halloween visitors - we've had a few so far.
I had to get candy that wouldn't entice me (so no M&Ms, or Butterfingers, or for sure no Nestle's Crunch). (You go, Nancy.)

Earlier this week (Sunday)- we celebrated Nell and Liam's birthdays - which are both in November, but well, the end of October was super to celebrate. Sunday the weather was perfect.
Here are some pics...
This is Liam with his special needs preschool teacher,
whose little girl is Nell's good friend in kindergarten.
It was so great to meet 'Miss Sara' and see Liam with her.

And here are some activities at the great party...


I have more to tell.
I will soon.
Stay tuned!

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